Appendix C

Experimental animations: results as a list

This research has identified 3 general themes around which the animations, strategies and tools described in section 4 of this document have tended to coalesce. These themes include Emergent Content, Perceptual Experience and Mapping Process to Outcome.
Each creative strategy and custom tool addresses one or more of these themes and the list below indicates how strategies, tools and themes are aligned.

Playing with Software

Playing with History

Animation as Relation

Auto Expression

Auto Keyframe

Working from Sketches

Modelling as Animation

Working from Life

Plein air Still life

Colour as Light

Geometry as Shadow

Shadow Play

Modelling as Animation

Plein air Still life

The following list indicates how these themes relate to methods suggested by phenomenologist philosophers as well as methods suggested by the work of other creative practitioners discussed throughout this document.

Being attentively present in the domain of things

Listening to things and responding based on what feels right

Disrupting your own working process

Disrupting your own easy interpretation of an image

Exploring qualities inherent in 3D animation software

Exploring capacities of 3D software that extend beyond its design

Returning to the world of perception

Not accepting simulation tools as an explination

Interrupting habitual ways of seeing

Making things strange and seeing the ordinary as extraordinary

Exploring free perception and the experience of teeming

Not pulling things apart in order to understand or describe them

Beginning in poverty

Avoiding animation pre-sets and taking a back to basics approach to 3D software

Trying to forget what it is that you’re looking at and describing physical things as shapes and colours

Inviting a viewer to take up the gesture which created the work

Make intuitive decisions evident in a finished animation

keeping the work sketchy

Excercising a tolerance for the incomplete

Resisting the urge to set things straight and clean things up